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Child Safety Door Lock

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Anti-pinch safety lock! Keep children away from danger!

And the design is convenient for adults to open the door!

This click and lock system door lock allows your child to open the door without any accidents! It is effective not only for babies but also for pets.

Easy to install! No other tools are needed. Paste it on the side of the door and click the 2 buttons to open it. Safely seal any doors, such as refrigerators, drawers, cabinets, etc.


1. Easy unlocking: One-handed operation, just pull the two buttons of the lock to unlock it and open the door and self-locking system at the same time. When you close the door, the lock will be automatically locked, with no extra steps. The special double button design makes it difficult for babies to open, but it is easy for adults to open with one hand.

2. The special design of the door lock: It is only used for the special design of the door, no spares parts and belts are needed, and there is no need to worry about the lock being caught when it is opened or closed. Two colors of white and gray can be selected. After installation, they can be incorporated into a part of the entrance, which will not attract the attention of babies.

3. Application range: suitable for most doors on the market, suitable for refrigerators, cabinets, drawers, cabinets, sliding doors, etc. Help to fix abnormally sealed doors.

4. Beautiful appearance and easy to install features: the special oval design makes the installation and function easier, beautiful and larger so that the adhesive can be installed with the lock without the use of drills or tools. It only takes 3 steps to install the refrigerator lock.

5. Installation method: Step 1: Tear off the cover of the sticker. Step 2: Paste the lock to the confirmed position. Step 3: Press and make sure the lock is stuck on the refrigerator

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