• Item code: KH02094
  • SKU: ElcMosTrp
  • Brand: Killmos

Electric Anti Mosquito Killer Traps

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Product description

Functional spring – let the flies fly to try bait on the table, and then turn the fly into the tight space while the rotating plate turns, safe and efficient, Environmental health

How to use:

Spread the bait over the 5 grooves; after the bait is used up, you can use the scrub and the remnants instead.

Connect the device and turn on the switch.

The bow tie is attracted by the bait and transported from the rotating plate to the box;

Remove the fly trap box and clean it for next use.You can also first put water into the collection box.


1 Do not clean the whole device directly with water.

2 Do not use your hand to force them to turn or accelerate.

3 Place the device in a bright place or where the flies often appear.

4 Do not use hard objects to attract files to avoid damage. We suggest that you smell soft food or fish bait or some fish to attract the flies for a better effect.


1 x fly catcher.