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Household Home Vacuum Mite Removers Sweeper

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USB charging, use it anytime and anywhere you want, bid farewell to the traditional plug-in type.
20kpa strengthens the suction power, and all the mites and bacteria are taken away wherever it passes.
Triple filtration makes the air more pure, sealing allergens, dust mites, and dirt in the dust box, effectively preventing secondary pollution.
The UV-c quartz ultraviolet lamp of the mite removal instrument can penetrate and kill mites and other harmful microorganisms to achieve the effect of net mites and sterilization. 235.7nm strong penetration, 5min ultraviolet sterilization, more effective than sunlight, powerful sterilization, destroying mites DNA, and inhibiting mites regeneration.
Suitable for cleaning beds, carpets, sofas, dolls, etc.


Material: Plastic + Electronic Components
Rated power: 300w
Rated frequency: 20kpa
Runtime: 1h
Dust Cup Capacity: 0.2L

Size Chart:

Charging Cable Length: 1m/39.37inch,
Mite Removal Lnstrument: 272x144x60mm/10.71x5.67x2.36inch

Package Includes:

2x Handheld UV Vacuum Cleaner
2x USB Cable
2x Manual

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